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MAR 2013

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Case Study Omni-Channel Retailing actually changed our whole IT infrastructure with garments a week, so we need to keep the product moving, and having the personalization really helps the this. Payment processing, digital asset management, customer find what they need." and content delivery mechanisms all were changed. We went from physical servers to a cloud-based environment," Shulman notes. The Oracle system The New Solution Proves Its Worth integrates directly with the company's ERP (enterprise "Since going live with the Oracle ATG platform, online resource planning) system and the new payment sales have been up 43% over the same time period a processor. The system needed to work in all 20 of the year ago. During the heavily trafficked 2012 Cyber countries in which American Apparel does business. Monday time frame, sales were up 125%. Our Tuesday Another big thing the Oracle platform had to provide following Cyber Monday actually beat last year's Cyber was promotional management. "Personalization on Monday," Shulman notes. "Our conversions have the site is key for us," Shulman states. "We are been higher, and our list management is better, so the striving to create an environment where the online online marketing campaigns were more effective." experience mirrors the With this kind of volume, "Since going live with the new in-store experience." This scalability became key. e-commerce platform, means the e-commerce site "We originally scaled the needs to have advanced solution based on our highonline sales have been est volume to date. When search capabilities, up 43% over the same time Cyber Monday hit, we were customer "memory," inundated with more trafand geo-targeting when period a year ago. During the fic than we had ever anticimerchandising the site and heavily trafficked 2012 Cyber pated. Within minutes individual pages. "These Monday time frame, sales were the system began to slow types of online interactions down, and I received an add real value for the up 125%." alert. Within about 15 mincustomer by tying in with utes we had four additional the loyalty program. Using Stacey Shulman, CIO, American Apparel servers online, which were the loyalty profile and then overloaded as well. Within a few hours we had purchase history, one customer's site and shopping an additional 15 servers online with no downtime," experience will be slightly different from someone the CIO states. This not only kept sales moving, but it else's," she says. The promotions and banners can be kept customers from going somewhere else. Having a more targeted toward the customer preferences. If virtualized system allowed the Oracle platform to scale the customer searches for children's wear, the default quickly without crashing. Companies don't just have images will be more kid-friendly, which is necessary additional servers sitting around, so being able to add due to some of the "cutting-edge" imagery American capacity quickly in extreme circumstances is crucial for Apparel uses that may not be child-appropriate. "The the CIO. company wants to keep its edge, but we also want to be able to tone things back for people who want Making Loyalty Truly Omni-Channel it," the CIO says. "The imagery should be age- and The loyalty program initiated with the e-commerce gender-appropriate." relaunch is not a siloed system. As long as the The geography coding is important as well. Using the customer uses the email or phone number registered new platform, the landing pages, imagery, and product online, all of their data is captured across the entire selection can be customized to the region, country, CRM, not just in-store or online. This aids in the and even the city from which the person is accessing customization of the site, which Shulman notes the site. "This way, someone accessing the site from is so important. "Every time a customer makes a New Orleans during Mardi Gras would have a different purchase, the e-commerce system learns more about experience than someone coming on from Oregon that the customer's tastes and buying habits. This allows same day," Shulman says. "We produce over a million 20 ‚óŹ March 2013

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