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MAR 2013

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Omni-Channel Retailing Executive Insight are opting for a full-size tablet, such as an iPad. In the same store, when line-busting is required, a smaller iPhone/ iPod touch device is used. These two implementations are deployed in a single store with the same payment solution and security schemes. Solutions are in the market that allow secure PIN pads to be physically connected with either a tablet or a smartphone device that can be changed through the day based on the need of the store. Ensure A Comprehensive Pilot Prior to going live in any area and with any functionality, ensure a comprehensive pilot is conducted for those functions and in the locations you want to use the products. of the store (for parking lot or curbside sales and pickup) prior to a live pilot. Security At The Forefront Particularly with the growing popularity of commercial products as part of the POS, retailers ensure their solutions secure sensitive consumer card data. Merchants are leveraging card data encryption effectively. With this solution, card data is encrypted within a secure, PCI-approved PIN pad at the time of either card swipe or manual card entry. The encryption and decryption of this data can be handled by a processor, dedicated service provider, or through a merchant IT infrastructure using publicly available algorithms. ■ Conduct A Mobile Site Survey Prior to beginning your first pilot, conduct a mobile site survey. This involves testing the signal strength and connectivity of units in every part of the store where you want coverage. The mobile site survey will identify the impact of interference points such as elevators and confirm the distance mobile devices will work outside Gregory Burch has over 10 years of experience at Ingenico in various POS technology and leadership positions. He is currently developing Ingenico's mobile and vertical market strategies as vice president of mobile, business development and strategic partnerships for North America. Look to Direct Source and its partners for all of your mobile technology needs: Tablet Solutions Project Management ent HaaS (Hardware as a Service) Integration Custom Mobile Software Solutions Configuration iPad and iPhone Sled Solutions Staging nd PDT Technology D Techn o y hno PDA and PDT Technology Cabling b in ing Cabling n Wireless Options Wirele ire e p ons 802.11n Wireless Options Inst lla In tal ation Installation Installation 952.934.8000 000 March 2013 ● 27

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