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MAR 2013

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Cover Feature vendors and delivery people He lets the employees know are following best practices, that the technologies he puts and help control damages and into place, such as a new returns. It becomes less about EAS system currently being a missing box and more about piloted with Vector, are there determining what breakdown to help mold and shape how leads to a box missing. "The the company works. LP is not crime is secondary to the cause. about spying on employees Find out how it happened, and or trying to catch them in the use that as a teaching tool to act of committing a crime. LP prevent future occurrences," procedures and technologies he says. can help everyone become When the LP team does get more effective, more involved in an investigation, productive, and have the the visibility the Vector system opportunity to grow and LP is not about spying on employees offers becomes immensely move up within the company, valuable. "With more than 220 because the company is or trying to catch them in the act of locations, our team is spread stronger and more profitable. committing a crime. LP procedures pretty thin. We have to be In addition to consolidating and technologies can help everyone able to access data anywhere, the alarms and creating buybecome more effective. anytime. We are using Vector in within each department, in all new store openings specifically for this reason. We Zimmerman was able to bring the audit staff under the can monitor whose code was used and when. If a store LP umbrella, instead of being in a separate division. manager's code was used when they were supposed to Now they partner with the LP team to accomplish the be on vacation, I can match the time up with the video same goals. "Rather than just answering phones, the to see who entered the store," Zimmerman states. "Did audit staff is now looking for answers and solutions, someone steal the manager's code? Did they give it to a not just reporting a shortage," he says. By getting the friend to be able to steal stuff? The exception reporting audit team more involved in the LP process, they are lets me know right away if there is an anomaly." The able to work with the territory managers to resolve key for Zimmerman is incorporating the technology issues, look for opportunities to retrain or improve with the training. Make sure everyone understands training, and free up the LP staff. The LP staff can how the technology makes the company stronger by then focus on credit card and check fraud, ORC, alarm protecting its assets, and the departments all buy in. exceptions, and return scams. Zimmerman explains that he speaks with the vendors Zimmerman's philosophy seems to be working. The and the store staff to identify key points in the delivery company's shrink numbers dropped significantly just process and procedures to help facilitate accuracy. "We in the past year, and that goes straight to the bottom will identify key things like unattended open doors line. ■ or signing a delivery receipt without a physical item count," he says. Walking through the steps of a proper receiving program helps to get everyone on the same Bob Johns is associate editor of page and keeps both the vendor and the associate Integrated Solutions For Retailers honest, without any accusations being made. "This magazine and makes our people more productive and once again For questions regarding the magazine's removes any unnecessary temptations by ensuring content or to comment on the editorial, please reach out to Bob at: processes are followed," he notes. 58 10 ● March 2013

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