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SEP-OCT 2016

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T hat retail LP and security profession- als sometimes find themselves at odds with merchandisers and mar- keters is understood, even accepted to some degree. The source of that struggle is simple; merchandisers' and marketers' modus operandi is to make products ac- cessible to consumers to experience and, ultimately, buy. LP and security profession- als strive to protect that merchandise from theft, loss, and damage. You can appreciate the inherent conflict in the relationship. That retail LP and security professionals sometimes find themselves at odds with IT/IS professionals is also easily understood. Most business groups, after all, find themselves at odds with IT at some point. Everyone wants more bandwidth, more uptime, more technology, and more performance than IT is able — or authorized — to provide. LP is no exception, especially as technology plays an increasingly vital role in the security equation. And finally, that retail LP and security professionals are sometimes stressed by the C-suite is also unsurprising. Security and LP technologies and solutions have a long history of being underfunded. The big budget goes to sexier investments of the customer-facing, sales-enabling kind. These challenges are all inherent, normal, and perfectly healthy in look at some telling figures: • 71 percent of LP/AP directors in our survey say their roles deal with payment security. Just 64 percent of them confirmed that their payment software is PCI compliant. • 78 percent of CEOs in our survey acknowledge that at least partial responsibility for payment security falls under their auspices. Sixty nine percent of them say their payment software is PCI compliant. resource-constrained retail organizations. What's decidedly not healthy is when these challenges are exacerbated by misinformation, which is often the result of a lack of collaboration. This past summer, Innovative Retail Technologies conducted a comprehensive survey of retail LP/AP directors, CEOs, and CIOs to assess the state of physical and digital security in their stores. Our findings revealed an increasingly security-conscious industry, but one that's considerably hamstrung by its own lack of collaboration. In some cases the disparity of responses to the simplest questions among these roles is so stark that we were left scratching our heads in wonderment. What follows is a report on the findings of our summer security survey effort, along with some timely tips for driving security collaboration in your organization. Whose Payments Are Secure? Who Knows! Payment security has been a primary concern among retail CEOs, CIOs, and LP/AP directors for the past several years. Yet, despite the benefits of time and the maturation and acceptance of PCI standards over those years, there remains discord among these roles in terms of their understanding of organizational PCI compliance. Let's take a DISTURBING DISCREPANCIES In Retail Security by Matt Pillar senior executive editor Security 2016 16 New roles-based research on the state of retail security reveals deep disconnects among CEOs, CIOs, and directors of LP/AP. 0 20 40 60 80 100 CEO 69% CIO 83% LP/AP 64% Percent of retail executives who believe their payment software is PCI compliant

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