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19 Security 2016 It follows then that password protection of apps, restricting application access, and monitoring access to server rooms are the top breach-preventing priorities of those untrusting CIOs. Still, there's discord regarding the steps taken to prevent people from accessing data they shouldn't. For instance, a full 94 percent of CIOs say they've password-protected critical applications. Just 60 percent of CEOs and 62 percent of LP/AP directors said the same. What's more, restricted access to server rooms is apparently very important to LP/AP directors and CIOs; 77 percent and 83 percent, respectively, say this is central to their breach prevention strategy. CEOs haven't received that memo; just 27 percent of them cited restricted access to server rooms as a step they've taken to avoid a breach. Disparity on whether the restriction of application access is enforced is also wide; 57 percent of CEOs say it's a step taken in their organizations, compared to 77 percent and 83 percent of LP/AP directors and CIOs, respectively. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST ) identifies five functions of effective cyber security: identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery. To that end, PwC recommends a cyber risk management framework that consists of: • Protection of valuable data: Identify your most valuable information assets, where these assets are located at any given time, and who has access to them. • Cyber risk monitoring: Build a sustainable and resilient approach to assess intelligence inputs from various functional teams and to correlate and dynamically adjust the organization's risk posture in real time. • Mapping and understanding your "cyber perimeter": Create visibility into where data is stored, transmitted, and accessed by internal employees and trusted partners. Weakness in the perimeter can become a security vulnerability. • Improving cyber intelligence: Threat- analysis efforts are often scattered across several functions, physical locations, and systems. This disjointed nature and lack of a common methodology to leverage intelligence can be a significant barrier to cyber risk intelligence. • Reporting and taking action: A knowledgeable and influential governing team is necessary to advance cyber security. An effective team ensures that monitoring systems are fluid and capable of precisely responding to cyber threats and empowers management to appropriately react. We asked our survey audience if their companies have implemented such a cyber risk management framework, and their responses were telling. While 85 percent of LP/AP directors said yes, just 56 percent of CIOs and only 23 percent of CEOs said the same. Given that CEO responses are the most blatant outlier on breach prevention and cyber security measures taken by retail organizations, we suspect the issue here is less about what's being left unprotected and more about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. As damaging as a data breach can be to brand-sensitive FireKing has been focused on providing security to businesses since its inception over 65 years ago. The products and services we offer focus solely on protecting your assets, people, and vital information. In many ways we help to protect your brand. Early on, this amounted to providing a secure enclosure for cash, securities, and important documents. Over the years, our cash management systems have evolved to provide increased connectivity, granularity, and accessibility of cash management information across the ecosystem of retailers, banks, and armored car service providers. Our innovative solutions provide detailed transactional information so all parties can better monitor and optimize their cash operations. Consistent with the general trend of IoT (the Internet of Things), our systems are moving data to the cloud. This consolidated repository available to central support groups is instrumental in optimizing cash handling processes. For example, it can help you spot trends across your retail locations, such as deposit discrepancies, helping you to reduce short- term expenses while improving long-term cash handling processes. The connectivity enables passive alerts, allowing you to move from a reactive to proactive posture in dealing with out-of-compliance cash handling behavior. In short, our advanced systems increase your staff 's productivity while reducing the risk of internal and external theft. With this connectivity comes amplified attention to security. We now must continuously review digital as well as physical security threats, including state-of-the-art encryption protocols. While the facets of security are expanding, FireKing remains dedicated to protecting your assets, people, and information. We understand these are elements which help to define your brand. Jim Poteet, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing FireKing Security Group The Power Of Connectivity

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