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NOV-DEC 2016

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11 Nov-Dec 2016 Operational alerts Customer behavior People Counting Store performance analysis In a world of smart phones, TVs, watches, and so on, why not work more efficiently, gain more insight, and improve the customer experience with innovations that create the "Smart Store" of the future? With Axis surveillance technologies in place, just add-on the right analytics to take your store from good to great. Let video surveillance and access control solutions monitor your store layout, shelf inventory and queues as well as teach you about your customer and employee behavior. Embrace your store's IQ. See what it's showing you. Visit us at NRF BIG Show: Booth 1734 January 15-17 in NYC What is your store showing you ? Gain valuable customer insight. mobile security made the list of security professionals' top three concerns. Mobile device security has, in fact, been a top-three concern of the LP department since 2014, a clear response to the glut of mobile devices — many of which are deployed to conduct mobile transactions — that have flooded the market in recent years. In addition to the protection of the device investment itself, LP departments are increasingly accepting the mantle of responsibility for payment security concerns that have only ratcheted up with the groundswell of mobile POS units. Nearly three-quarters of our survey takers agreed with the statement, "My company places an emphasis on innovative technologies and processes to increase margins and improve the customer experience." That stated agreement doesn't come as a surprise, but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. If the market's stated technology investment intentions come to fruition, 2017 will be a very innovative year indeed, and consumers will be the year's big winners as a result. Perhaps our survey attracted the most pragmatic of retail technology realists, because it revealed that few merchants are convinced drone delivery will get off the ground. In addition to asking retail pros about their best bets in retail, we asked them to share the biggest investment mistakes they're seeing — both within their own companies and within the greater retail industry. Their passion for cloud was only surpassed by their disdain for drones. Their product delivery potential makes for some fun and exciting press, says our audience, but their adoption for use as a fulfillment mechanism is hampered by regulatory, labor, insurance, and litigation costs. Until the benefits outweigh those costs, it's tough to find the ROI in delivery drones, no matter how cool the idea. DRONES BE DAMNED?

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