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JAN-FEB 2017

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Why the fitting room might become the epicienter of customer engagement in apparel retailing. F or apparel retailers, what goes on in the fitting room is a direct precursor to their customers' all- important stop at the POS. Recog- nizing that the fitting room experience is, for many consumers, the most lackluster (or downright disappointing) element of the clothes shopping exercise, a slew of tech startups have set out to turn the fitting room experience on its ear. A few months back, we brought you a story about Nadia Shouraboura's innovative and tech-centric approach to the fitting room experience at Hointer. Today, we'll look at how two companies are turning a centuries-old fitting room fixture — the mirror — into an extensible customer data gold mine for apparel retailers. Built For Consumers, Valued By Merchants When Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky set out to design and market a "smart" mirror for retail fitting rooms, he wasn't look- ing to fundamentally change the way consumers behave when they're trying on clothes. He simply surmised that such a significant piece of retail real estate — a wall of glass — could deliver more value to customers and merchants alike than merely a reflection. Viclovsky is Magic Mirror, On The Wall founder of MemoMi, a nearly four-year- old startup that's gaining traction in pilot sites with some high-end apparel notables including Neiman Marcus. At its core, MemoMi's MemoryMirror enables customers to see 360-degree back and side views of their outfits using simple body gestures or controls on the compa- ny's opt-in mobile app. Shoppers can also change colors, patterns, and styles — as well as accessorize their outfits — using equally intuitive gestures and without re- moving the outfit and trying on another. "We're trying to preserve the customer's behavior in the dressing room, but giving them much more in return than they can get from a passive mirror," he says. While the original intent was to create a dif- ferentiated experience for the customer, the maturation of Vilcovsky's vision is re- sulting in much more than the avoidance of a strained neck and multiple apparel changes. Recent iterations of the Memor- yMirror are giving customers the option to share their fitting room sessions with friends in high-definition video, save certain looks in their profile, and even complete their purchases without leaving the fitting room. In turn, the size and style data generated in the fitting room session can be shared with the merchant BY MATT PILLAR Jan-Feb 2017 22 Cross-channel identification is really important. If you can give customers a reason to authenticate early on, there's an ability to connect all the dots. Healey Cypher, founder and CEO, Oak Labs What's Next

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