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JAN-FEB 2017

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if the shopper chooses to do so, opening up a rich opportunity to make instant recommendations to up-sell, cross-sell, and collect information if the customer approves it. "We can create classifiers that recognize when a customer is trying on jeans and a black top, for instance, and provide recommendations based on that," says Vilcovsky. "Some brands are keenly interested in this data; others simply want to improve the customer experience." But MemoMi isn't the only company bringing magic to fitting room mirrors. Healey Cypher, who made a name for himself as chief of staff and head of retail innovation at eBay, walked away from the e-commerce staple in 2015 to launch Oak Labs, Inc. His company's flagship prod- uct, the Oak Mirror, takes a more blatant approach to presenting the fitting room mirror as a device, not a fixture. The mir- ror's touch screen interface encourages shoppers to customize the ambiance of fitting room lighting, explore product rec- ommendations, and seek assistance from store associates with the touch of virtual prompts on the mirror's surface. Leverag- ing data transmitted from RFID-tagged merchandise, the mirror recognizes products as they enter the fitting room and synchronizes with the merchant's inventory system, which, on the back end, enables automated product recommen- dations and instant communication with mobile device-wielding associates. Oak Labs is also keeping some good company, having successfully piloted with Ralph Lauren in its Polo NYC flagship store. "Our early findings are that 84 percent of consumers have a meaningful engage- ment with the mirror if given the option," says Cypher. The definition of "meaning- ful" is an impressive average of 5.7 clicks per fitting room visit. What's more, further analysis of those clicks reveals a 59 percent larger basket size among those who engage the interface. But Cypher sees his company's fitting room roots as just the beginning. " There's an inflection point happening in all of retail, and that's the convergence of digital and physical experiences," he says. " The Oak Mirror is just one node of the software-driven intelligence layer that stores need to opti- mize what people — both customers and associates — are doing at any given time." The Role Of The Associate In A Digital World Cypher's point about optimizing as- sociate activity isn't lost on Vilcovsky. " The role of the associates is critical on many levels," he says. "First, if they're not 23 Jan-Feb 2017 Operational alerts Customer behavior People Counting Store performance analysis In a world of smart phones, TVs, watches, and so on, why not work more efficiently, gain more insight, and improve the customer experience with innovations that create the "Smart Store" of the future? With Axis surveillance technologies in place, just add-on the right analytics to take your store from good to great. Let video surveillance and access control solutions monitor your store layout, shelf inventory and queues as well as teach you about your customer and employee behavior. Embrace your store's IQ. See what it's showing you. Visit us at NRF BIG Show: Booth 1734 January 15-17 in NYC What is your store showing you ? Gain valuable customer insight.

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