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MAY-JUN 2017

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apps, and of course, security alerts and a video analytics application. The latter application is exemplary of a Holy Grail that's been much-hyped, but little- achieved in retail circles. Real-time analytics include a customer sentiment indicator, which allows Kroger to log, study, and deduce the actions its customers are likely to take when they're happy or unhappy. The implications are profound, clearing the way for store associate intervention to thwart customer disappointment in real time. " There are so many stories being told every minute of every day in a store," says Ball. "From customer sentiment to the status and health of infrastructure, those stories are told when we can observe them." With its RSI infrastructure in place, Kroger can even "hear" those stories from inanimate objects, like store shelves and cooler cases. "It gives us a much deeper understanding of what's going on in the store," says Ball. "When we got started with the RSI, the IoT landscape was very fragmented, and we had to place bets," says Bonner. "We made the right ones." Had Kroger rolled out its temperature tags using Wi- Fi, he surmises, it might have gotten two years of battery life from the system. The ZigBee approach extends that to 13 years. " The more you can wring out, the better, and it's already been a massive savings for us," he says. But, of course, ZigBee is far from the protocol of choice for consumer- held applications. " The right network protocol was to utilize ZigBee for low power consumption, but on the flip side, if consumer devices are Bluetooth or Wi- Fi, we have to go with those protocols, too. A multiprotocol approach allows us to do that." Many merchants are still muddling through the transition to IP video and analytics. At Kroger, every camera in the store equates to a supercomputer of its own, and every camera is feeding data to the company's operations, merchandising, and LP teams, among others. That's the power of IoT in action. 9 May-June 2017 Try an enterprise-level vendor performance and compliance SAAS solution featuring: Automation Chargeback Creation & Notification Collaboration Vendor Portals & Scorecards Intelligence PO Lifecycle & Fill Rate Visibility Email your request NOW for a complimentary, no-obligation Opportunity Assessment to It Costs You Nothing It Costs You Nothing "When we got started with the RSI, the IoT landscape was very fragmented, and we had to place bets. We made the right ones." Brett Bonner, VP of R&D/OR, Kroger

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