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MAY-JUN 2017

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I f there's anything that's driven from the top down in Orvis company culture, it's that moments matter. At a recent meeting with his executive team, company CEO Leigh "Perk" Perkins Jr. couldn't have made that point any clearer. Perkins is a man who spent two years during his 20s circumnavigating the globe in a Jeep (transoceanic portions via hitched rides on oil tankers). More recently, he spent a year's sabbatical solo-sailing the Caribbean. He's hiked the Andes. He's survived malaria. Legend has it, he's been shot at by militants. And yet in a room full of his peer executives, well- traveled outdoorsmen and adventurists themselves, it's a salamander that's captured Perk's — and the rest of the room's — attention. As he details the joy of spotting a tiny, albeit beautiful salamander while turkey hunting in a Vermont forest the prior weekend, the "moments" message is crystal clear; it's the moment you're in that matters most. That's a mantra that Dave Finnegan works hard to apply to customer centricity at Orvis. Finnegan, chief experience officer (CXO) at the company, wants to move you with an experience as much as he wants to be moved by one of his May-June 2017 24 Whether in a stream or a store, Orvis Customer Experience Officer Dave Finnegan seeks a religious experience. A CRAFTSMAN OF CUSTOMER CENTRICIT Y What's Next by Matt Pillar own. Now in his third year at Orvis, you might say Finnegan's current employer is his ultimate enabler. He was raised in Sundance, UT, by a father hailing from Montana and a mother from rural Scotland. No matter where he wandered as a child, it seemed he couldn't help but wet his feet in a blue ribbon trout stream. Taken by the fly rod as a child, Finnegan now works for what's inarguably the most iconic logo in the sport, the venerable 161-year-old brand Orvis, where quarterly board meetings are held in remote mountain cabins and the executive team winds its days down in waders. She used to tell us, 'There's nothing the customer can reasonably ask you for that will put us out of business, so just say yes.' Dave Finnegan, CXO, Orvis winner OMNI-CHANNEL RETAILING

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